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Mark Worster

Mark Worster is an 11-year Entrepreneurs Organization Member/Leader serving in multiple roles including President of the EO Boston Chapter, multi-year Communications Expert as well as several other Board roles. 


He is a lifetime entrepreneur having founded and operated Unitel, Inc, a technology consulting firm, for over (30) years. Unitel made the INC Magazine 500 list of the fastest growing companies not once but twice. After selling his stake in Unitel and Novation Datacom,at the end of 2017, Mark entered the healthcare space.

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Mark graduated from Regis College with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2018. In 2021 he became one of the first (138) one hundred thirty-eight people in the world to graduate with a Masters in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics from the

University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, founded in 1841. Mark was inducted into the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society upon graduation. 


In 2020, as a founding member of the KetaMD team, Mark worked alongside leaders in the psychedelic medicine space to co-create and launch a groundbreaking at-home ketamine therapy company. 


Mark currently hosts the nurseMARK Podcast and is intimately involved in the psychedelic medicine space as a practitioner and evangelist. A psychiatric nurse by training Mark has first-hand experience witnessing the power of this new healing modality. 


He works with leaders who are moving from self-actualization to transcendence, helping to maximize the power of peak experiences, identifying, and illuminating each leader’s true path.


His personal experience healing lifelong treatment resistant depression using

psychedelic medicine stands as a shining example of the power of this medicine.


Mark is currently studying Breathwork Facilitation with Jacques Theron, an amazing practitioner from Sao Paulo, Brazil and  Shamanic Practices with Harvard Divinity School graduate candidate Mauricio Bruce from Costa Rica.


Author of Absolutely F**king Amazing: Living a Life You Love, a #1 Best Seller, Mark is dedicated to helping everyone create a life that they LOVE.


If you would like to connect further with Mark Worster please reach out to him directly.

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