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A Call To Heal

A Call To Heal is a powerful invitation to take action. It's a safe space where you can explore the deeper aspects of yourself, hear stories, learn tools, create healthier habits, and ask questions without judgment.


Often, we believe that healing is only necessary for obvious issues, but my personal experience has taught me that healing is needed in the most hidden corners of our being. We've become disconnected from our inner truth and well-being, distracted by the opinions, fears, judgments, projections, and systems of others.


As a result, we've become fragmented and imbalanced. The world is facing complex challenges like war, gun violence, suicide, homelessness, and climate change, and it's clear that we need healing now more than ever. Instead of blaming others, it's time to take responsibility for our part in creating these issues and focus on how we can help heal ourselves and allow that healing to ripple into the collective.


It's easy to think that leaders are responsible for solving these problems, but every day, we make choices that contribute to the issues at hand, often without realizing it. That's why A Call To Heal is also a call to action for you to heal yourself. This healing journey goes beyond the present and extends into the deep past and future. It's a process that runs through generations and systems, and we invite you to join us on this journey together.


About Me

My journey began in Buffalo, NY, a place where I learned the core values of community, discipline, gratitude, service, and trust that I carry with me and weave into my work today. I struggled with reading books throughout my childhood, but I remember sitting in my bedroom fully immersed in my Chicken Soup For The Soul collection. Not that I knew it at the time, but I’ve always been attracted to the soul, the mystical, to authenticity, to connection, the road less traveled, to truth. 

I have always loved to travel and meet new people and when I was 21 my intuition and inner guidance took me to school in New York City. It was exciting and overwhelming and I remember going to the humongous Strand Bookstore in the East Village-- it's slogan is "18 miles of books!"-- and visiting the “self-help” section. I remember a sense of embarrassment that all the books I was interested in were under “Self-help”. I was craving something deeper; I was craving exploration; I was craving a real inner relationship and meeting within myself.

Not long thereafter I discovered a passion in New York for underground dance music and before I knew it I was managing artists.  Career management took me around the world. In my 20s, I ran my own DJ agency and lived in five countries from Europe to Mexico.  In my last years as an agent, I had a vision to change the way artists were touring. I had a passion for nutrition and fitness based on my own struggles with body image, addictive behaviors, ruminating thoughts, and an unbalanced lifestyle. I wanted to bring a sense of health, wellness, and balance to what I was observing as a very destructive and unsustainable way of life. 

To that end, while still managing artists, I enrolled in The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2014. I resonated deeply with their core philosophy-- “what works for me doesn’t necessarily work for you”. My studies with the Institute ignited a deeper journey into unraveling my social conditioning and reclaiming my personal agency, and I started incorporating sound healing, acupuncture, acutonics, yoga, martial arts, and energy work into my life.


After 10 Years in nightlife, I finally traded it in for the Light life – the day life – the conscious life, and moved to Los Angeles. That's where I met a Mindfulness educator and coach with 36+ years of experience,  Mitra Manesh. There is a popular saying “when the student is ready, the teacher arrives", I was ready and she was there. From 2017-2021 I was the Executive Director of  and "innermap",  a mindful-living-beyond-meditation platform that includes an App, Podcast, weekly Clubhouse presentations, tutorials and more.

I have received private teachings from Mitra over 5+ years that transformed my life, perspective and relationships "from the inside out."  I continue to walk the path of my heart and remember who I am, knowing there is always more to look at, work on, and play with.  Mitra has shown me what it means to live a life of choice with every breath I take.  

I feel privileged to be a support for others along the way, and have continued my own personal growth and professional development to that end. I've been fascinated by non-ordinary states of consciousness since discovering the rave scene in New York many years ago, and my exploration of sounds, plants, and meditation has been ongoing.  In August, 2021, I was certified as a coach in an addiction recovery program called Being True to You. The program uses psychedelic integration and psychospiritual work to help others on the path of awakening, healing, and reclaiming sovereignty over their lives. 

My drive for potential, remembering why we came here, exploration of what it really means to be a human being and spirit, as well as living a life of purpose, has allowed me to adapt well to any environment and community, and to find meaning wherever I go. Whether it’s diving into self-development, practicing mindfulness, exploring consciousness, helping individuals reclaim their own spirit, studying addictive behaviors, I pursue my purpose with passion and hope to help others find meaning in their lives through the empowerment of their own choices, and voices.

Studied Areas:

  • Mindfulness

  • Meditation

  • Integrative Nutrition

  • Addiction Recovery

  • Psychedelic Integration

  • Spiritual Emergence

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